Things Said by People Who Aren’t Me


Thing Is secures Showler’s position on the nation’s literary map.”
Winnipeg Free Press 

“She reveals the poetry in the most casual of idioms and idiomatic expressions . . . suggesting a new role for poetry in navigating our modern existence.” 
Quill & Quire. Starred Review


“The poems are distinguished by their cultural awareness . . . without losing sight of the human ethos that defines modern living. It’s a promising debut.”
Publishers Weekly

Showler’s work is evidence of a lively and flourishing imagination.” 
The Toronto Star

“Showler’s brainy debut calls out the precariousness of this time above others.”
The National Post

“A bold, self-assured voice, but Showler proves she has more than earned it. This is the real thing.”
Lemon Hound 

“Spiked with snarky wit and punctuated by slivers of tenuous hope. The writing is tight, poignant and accessible. ”

“Showler’s collection is intelligent, wry . . . a young writer’s sincere attempt to say something meaningful about her world.”
GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine

“Failure to Thrive has a fondness for the strange detritus we produce (both material and digital) because, dang it, it’s ours.” 
Columbus Alive

“[These poems] didn’t showily strain to hold my attention but earned it almost immediately with their intelligence, humour, and at points, unapologetic affect.”
Echolocation Magazine 

“[Showler's] navigation between the funny and the broken is both startling and captivating, and makes us wonder whether the two are more similar than we might think.”
CV2 Magazine

Cerebral but musical, the thinking lateral but still propulsive, Showler’s debut finds her skepticism field tested without turning into cynicism.”
The National Post

“A quizzical voice rings insistently in the well-crafted poems of Suzannah Showler’s first collection.”
The Rusty Toque

“There is a precision to the poems in Failure to Thrive that one doesn’t often see in a first trade collection . . . lines so tight that one could bounce a quarter off them.”
Rob McLennan

“Showler proceeds with craft and intellectual acumen from our collective lie and asks that we please don’t read anything as diagnostic, but prognostic. Poem to poem, without recovery time, Showler presents these alternative prognoses with an infectious dark gleefulness; the book is a resource of potential conditions under which we can offer ourselves a renewed, more difficult honesty.”
Gerald Lampert Memorial Award Jury 

“These poems distinguish themselves by the quality of their poetic intelligence. They are astute, linguistically and syntactically adept, and full of sonic energy. Often startlingly precise in their descriptions, they lead us from the bodily to the metaphysical. Sometimes they flare up like fireworks; sometimes they sound a quiet sorrowing over human distances and dilemmas.” 
Bronwen Wallace Award Jury