Essays & Features
Buzzfeed (bodybuilding, Strongman, Trump, America) 
Hazlitt (prepping, privilege, race) 
Hazlitt (Ohio, Instagram, campus culture, being foreign) 
Slate (reality TV, The Voice, Christianity)
Hazlitt (ticklishness, science, death) *Silver NMA for “One of a Kind”
Partisan (reality TV, The Bachelorette, sex)
Partisan (reality TV, Married at First Sight, marriage, capitalism)
The LA Review of Books (reality TV, The Bachelor, supply and demand)
The Toast (poetry, plagiarism, death)
Maisonneuve (Sasquatch, cryptozoology, BC) *Runner-up NMA for Best New Writer
Hazlitt (nostalgia, Paul Auster, loneliness, being foreign)
Hazlitt (housesitting, Sheila Heti, being a creep)
The Walrus (Buddhism, Shambhala, Halifax)

The Walrus
The Puritan
The Best of Walrus Poetry
The Writers’ Trust of Canada
Forget Magazine
Dragnet Magazine
The Puritan

Interviews & Reviews
The National PostReview of Sharma Shields’The Sasquatch Hunter’s Almanac
The National Post, Interview with Cassidy McFadzean 
The Journal, Interview with Virginia Mallon
The Journal, Interview with Andy Spear

The Rusty Toque