“She has always been the soundtrack to grocery store aisles, cab rides, the corniest parts of every cornball movie you hate to love.”
THE WALRUS , “Céline Dion is Everywhere”

”It’s an efficient way to prune yourself, claiming your shaggy, mortal body as your own.”
NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE , “Letter of Recommendation: Nail Biting”

”Loving Tegan and Sara felt the way having hope feels: like a crush on the future.”
BUZZFEED READER, Tegan and Sara’s New Book Reminds Us to Take Teens Seriously

”As long as I have a device on hand to help me do nothing, I’m always at work in my inertia, mounting evidence of myself.”
REAL LIFE, New Feelings: Screen Protectiveness

”At some point, you get big enough that you stop believing the world is your cum rag and begin to just feel exposed.”
BUZZFEED READER, Making American Swole Again

”The tickle is Thanatos in Eros’s clothing. On the surface there’s the hilarity, but underneath, its real, indelible bond is with death.”
HAZLITT, Tickle Me Dead

”Samantha’s strange, wonderful message has kept a power over me I’ve never been able to shake.”
THE TOAST, Plagiarizing the Dead

”The Sasquatch is a wild man; us, but also not-us. It offers fodder for an ancient and tenacious crisis of human identity"
MAISONNEUVE | “On the Trail of Ignored Beasts”